Fresh off the plane and India had already captivated my every sense. The sights, the sounds and even the scents left me pining for more. It was life-changing to spend a full month in Mumbai with my family, soaking in every last detail. Every sip of fresh coconut water. Every jerk and turn on the overcrowded streets in the back of a rickshaw. Every warm […]

I needed something to help brighten up my kitchen with the substantial amount of rain our great southern plains have received week after week. I wanted a light, but flavorful, cake to sweeten our palates after a quick birthday lunch for my MIL-to-be. Something simple, fruity and fresh. Visions of pineapples popped in my head! This pineapple cake […]

What signals that fall is in the air? Is it when the temperature finally drops? When the leaves finally start turning beautiful shades of red, yellow and orange? Or maybe when you finally get to break out those boots you’ve stashed in the back of your closet? For me, fall starts in my kitchen. The aroma of pumpkin fills […]

Exactly one year ago, I shared with you a story and a recipe for this Blueberry Cheesecake that holds a special place in my heart. Today would have been my dad’s birthday, and I cannot think of a better way to celebrate than with another blueberry-filled recipe (twice makes it tradition, right?). Blueberries have been on […]

Quite recently, a close friend of mine went gluten-free, so I wanted to mail her a little somethin’ somethin’ to remind her that no matter what dietary restrictions come her way I would always be willing to find new recipes to help her get her chocolate fix. Celiac disease (an immune reaction to eating gluten) has taken […]

One year ago today, Kitchen to RN was created by a highly caffeinated, sleep-deprived nursing student. Today marks exactly one year of a little How-To post for my Two-Minute Brownie. Oh, how the site has grown! I graduated from nursing school, landed my first big-girl job, created a Kitchen to RN username for every social media outlet known to […]

With Independence Day right around the corner (and a couple [thousand] RW&B-themed recipes floating around Pinterest), I was naturally feeling a wee bit patriotic. Most holidays call for big desserts (a 3-layer cake on birthdays, pecan pie on Thanksgiving, etc.); however, sometimes a mini dessert shot is all you need to end that Independence Day BBQ with a […]